Thursday, 20 April 2017

ISB Family Business Management: The right approach to a successful career

Nowadays, most of the students, who have commercial bent of mind, tend to think different from career point of view. ISB Family Business Management is the right program for them. It has become so famous all over the world that most of the students dream to seek admission to it. The program is highly rewarding and remunerative. Admission process is very tough and the students are selected as per the merit list.

When it comes to context and duration of ISB Family Business Management, it is just a part-time fifteen month program, which is made to fulfil the needs of those individuals, who are involved in their family business management in the country. It covers the general management areas – basic finance, accounting, marketing and operations. In today’s time, family businesses have become very important and they need to survive for generations to come. So, the youngsters involved into the business need to capable enough to execute the business.  A specialized program like this ensures them gaining the required expertise and skills to manipulate the different facets of their business successfully and efficiently.

As far as ISB Placements are concerned, ISB conducts campus placement at its two major centres: Hyderabad and Mohali. The top firms that come to hire the students include Tech Mahindra, HCL, Philips, Apple, Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon, KPMG, Deloitte, McKinsey etc. The recruiters create a very cordial atmosphere for interaction between themselves and the students. They tend to hire the best talents and offer highly remunerative packages.

Briefly, ISB Family Business Management is one of the brightest programs for the students. After completion of this, students become strong enough to confront challenges bigger than the biggest boldly. Moreover, the program ensures them a bright and lucrative future.

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