Friday, 12 May 2017

ISB Courses that Brighten Your Career

ISB is one such business school that gives you a golden chance to bright your career with its various courses. Although there are many business schools in the country, ISB is different from others in view of its quality education, faculty and educative atmosphere. Various ISB Courses include PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management), EEO (Early Entry Option), YLP (Young Leaders Program), MFAB (Management Program for Family Business) and PGPMAX (Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives).  It is up to you which course you choose as per your caliber and budget. 

ISB Courses

As far as ISB Admissions is concerned, it is one of the toughest things for the students. It is not possible for the students with general talent and caliber to get themselves enrolled to ISB. If you are a quick-witted and out of box thinker then only you can think of seeking admission to this prestigious business school. When it comes to the eligibility of admission, a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent degrees such as CA, ICWA is requisite thing. You are not required to have any work experience; nevertheless if you have experience of 4-5 years then it is considered as an added advantage. This is the basic criteria of all the courses offered by ISB. Different courses have different criteria. The last stage is Interview, which is the gateway to admission. You are suggested to have thorough preparation for this final round in view of your academic progress, hobbies and interests, current affairs and several other ticklish questions.    

Briefly, with ISB Courses you are sure to brighten your career. You will become a top class businesses leader and capable of leading your business with full confidence.