Friday, 10 March 2017

Very useful ISB Interview tips that guarantees your selection

ISB is one of the most prestigious business schools all over the world. It is a dream of every enthusiastic management student to seek admission to it. The graduates of this school have a very bright future ahead. The various courses imparted by ISB include PGPMAX (Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives), MFAB (Management Program for Family Business), YLP (Young Leaders Program), EEO (Early Entry Option) and PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management). 

When it comes to cracking ISB interview, the students get baffled. They are not able to chew on the right tips so as to ensure your selection. Basically, the interview panel comprises of 2-3 interviewers with at least individual belonging to admissions committee. The other panellists could the former students or existing students of ISB. Interviewees are supposed to possess five basic qualities - leadership qualities, team skills, communication skills, analytical skills and clarity of thought. Prior to facing interview, they are recommended to gather sufficient knowledge about ISB institute pertaining to its history, founders, main strength, prominent alumni etc. Apart from this, they need to thorough with their area of specialization and hobbies. They are suggested to get accustomed to reading of prominent magazines or journals on regular basis so as to increase their awareness about current affairs and several other issues related to national and international standards.  They are recommended to add humour to their talks and avoid bluffing.

In order to suit the convenience of meritorious students, ISB Scholarships are awarded to them. If any student is financially weak, then he or she can easily avail the scholarships for pursuance of their studies.  In this way, those students, who are meritorious but financially weak, can realize their dreams of seeking admission to one of the most sought after business schools, ISB. Thus, economic crisis is no hurdle for the financially weak students.

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